File Manager Tutorial

● How to use file manager in Plesk control panel?
File manager lets you manage the files and folders through Plesk control panel. You can upload, create, copy, move, remove files and folders in the File Manager. Follow the steps given below to use the file manager.

Step 1: Login to Plesk control panel.

Step 2: Click Files tab.

Step 3: In the File Manager, left tree has all the root directories and the right tree displays the files and folders under the selected root directory. Here, httpdocs is the main folder to upload and save the folders and files.
● How to create new directory / folder in Plesk control panel?
Step 1: Login to Plesk control panel

Step 2: Under Files>>httpdocs tab, click on New. Select Create New Directory from the drop down.

Step 3: Create a Directory page opens. Give the Directory name and click OK.

● How to change permissions for folders and files in Plesk?
Steps to Follow

1) Login to Plesk control panel
2) Select the path Files>>httpdocs >>
3) Enable the check box near the file/folder for which you wish to change the permission
4) Click on “Change Permissions”

5) Under Groups or User names, select the user or group for which you wish to give the file permission.
6) Under Permissions, you can allow or deny the required file permission for the selected users and click OK.

● How to upload files through Plesk file manager?
To upload file in the Plesk control panel, Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Login to plesk control panel.

Step 2: Select httpdocs under Files tab.
Step 3: Click Upload Files.
Step 4: Select the file to upload and click Open.
Step 5: File will start to upload.

● How to rename files or folders within Plesk file manager?
To rename a file or folder in the plesk control panel, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to control panel.
Step 2: Mouse hover on the file for which you want to change the file name. You will get the drop down arrow at the right end of the file name.

Step 3: Click on the arrow and select Rename option.

Step 4: Rename dialog box opens. Provide the new name and click OK.
● How to edit files using text editor in Plesk?
To edit files in the plesk using text editor follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Login to the Plesk control panel.
Step 2: click the Files tab. Mouse hover on the file to be edited. You will get drop down arrow at far right.

Original file:

File After making changes via “Plesk Text Editor”

● How to move files into folders in Plesk file manager?
To move the files into the other folders, do the following.

Step 1: Login to Plesk control panel.
Step 2: Enable the check box of the required file to be moved.
Step 3: Click Move option

Step 4: Select the destination folder into which you wish to move the file and click OK.

Once if the file is moved, you will get an alert message and can verify that it has been moved to the selected path as shown in the below image.